It takes time to create an awesome logo, and even more time to create an accompanying brand design and visual identity. Universe Design Studio started out as a design studio specializing in stand alone logo designs, aptly named Toronto Logo Design, but we realized quickly that clients need more than just a logo design.

How will the designer (graphic and/or web) know what fonts to use in their design? What colours should be used? Unfortunately they will have to guess and start creating their own versions of what they imagine would work best and now we have a brand representation which is visual chaos and does not represent your brand or business in a trustworthy, dependable way. Consistency and cohesive designs communicate a professional and reliable brand and our complete brand design toolkit is a guaranteed way to ensure strong, confident branding through all of your communications.

Brand consistency creates a cohesive consistent brand identity, unified experience for both existing and potential customers.

The more consistent your brand is, the more recognizable it is to consumers, providing a feeling of reliability. This helps your customers get to know your brand on a more personal level.


What’s in a brand design?

We define a brand design by the three elements of a logo design, colour palette, and typography choices. These are the core elements that define our brand identity designs. Additional elements that can also be included in the brand design kit are pattern work, illustrations, custom icons, and photography (as needed, as per budget). 

We first discuss your needs and creative ideas, research competitors and then create two unique options for your brand identity and present them to you for your feedback and refinement.


Our brand design process


We have been specializing on logo and brand design for almost 20 years and have refined our process to ensure maximum communication and clarity with each step.

Before we even start designing, our discovery phase is where we learn about what you what to express with your brand and research ideas about what think would be interesting and get your feedback.


What do I get with my brand design package?

Our brand design packages standardly include a logo files bundle and a style guide.

Logo Files Bundle

In standard usages .ai. .png, .jpg, light and dark versions, stacked, wide, icon etc.

Style Guide

A comprehensive PDF that has the logo, colours, fonts, and design examples to demonstrate how the brand design should be used.