Our passion and specialty is in crafting contemporary and unique brand designs that represent you and ensure your identity is recognizable and immediately noticed. With a strong logo design as the foundation we create accompanying assets that build a design “toolkit” that you can apply to any communication asset (ie: website, socials, etc). Learn more about what you will receive in your brand design kit lower on the page.

We encourage you to consider the design style of our studio and how this relates to you and your brand vision.


Canadian Caregiving Summit

Website design for a Canadian Caregiving Summit event. Brand development and all accompanying design assets created for the conference.


Confederation of Tomorrow

Brand design for the Environics Institute for Survey Research's Confederation of Tomorrow Survey of Canadians series.


Research Digest Podcast

Brand design for New Horizon's research podcast, an Ontario think tank. The geometric abstract art communicates futurism and science in a minimal way and will give the podcast immediate visual recognition.


Caicos Island Charters

Branding, website, social media management work for a luxury sailing charters company in the Turks & Caicos Islands.


Aardvark Book Club

Branding and logo design and website development for Aardvark Book Club, a book subscription service. The colourful illustrated identity is very versatile and creates a distinct personality for the brand.


First Policy Response

Website and brand design for a Toronto Metropolitan University COVID-19 policy news website, First Policy Response.


Ontario Creative Council

Concept brand design for Ontario Creative Council. This modern contemporary brand design features custom digital art and an energetic colour palette.


Cadre Artist Management

Website and brand design for Cadre Artist Management, a leading Toronto-based agency representing makeup, hair & wardrobe artists in the fashion and beauty industries.


Bonsai Creative

Logo and brand design for Bonsai Creative, Ontario wedding videographers. This brand design is remarkable and features a subtle psychedelic style, custom illustrations, and a flexible logo set.


Design Intelligence Conference

Brand design and social media images for Toronto graphic design and AI conference.


Pizza Power

Logo design and graphic design with illustrative retro branding style for a Toronto pizza shop, Pizza Power.


Blue Noise Studios Inc.

Brand design for TorStar Inc.'s new creative design agency, Blue Noise Studios Inc. The edgier tone of the brand design reflects the contemporary style of work the studio is striving to create.


MIA SUNN Tattoo Artist

Brand design for Toronto tattoo artist Mia Sunn. This logo and identity design system are dark and sexy and compliment Mia's personal style.


InsideOut Patio Furniture

Patio furniture manufacturer with retail sales of patio furniture, fireplaces and barbecues. InsideOut has three retail locations in Ontario and also online sales.


Rubix Records

Toronto record label brand design with contemporary style and versatile application.

Native vision indienous cannabis dispensary modern logo design ft

Native Vision Cannabis

Logo design for Canadian Indigenous cannabis dispensary. Modern iconic logo with native design inspiration.


SLTZR Cannabis-Infused Beverage

We created a brand design that will stand out in the competitive cannabis beverage industry, along with vibrant packaging design for several flavours.


Borealis Mental Health Care

Borealis Mental Health Care is an online service to connect people to professional mental health care, quickly. Based in Toronto, Ontario, we created the brand design and website for Borealis.


Lucky 13 Spirits

Logo design for Lucky 13, a Toronto-based spirits producer. The luxurious brand design conveys a modern vintage aesthetic and is very versatile in use.


Point Blank Hair

Branding and website design for barbershop and hair salon in Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood. Full design suite covered, from logo to social images to website and signage.


Neolitic Cannabis

Ontario cannabis dispensary logo and identity design for Ontario cannabis dispensary. We created a minimal, primitive line art logo to connect to the neolithic brand message and illustrated a contemporary camouflage pattern to connect to a young demographic and keep the tone organic.

What is in our brand designs exactly?


Step 1! With our custom creative brief we will work with you to clearly determine your business' mission and vision, and create language around how you want your brand to be perceived to your target audience.


It's important to identify and analyze your competitors and see what is working and what is not in relation to your new brand. We will research the landscape looking for inspiration, ideas and considerations to help us shape a clear idea of how to shape your brand design.


We create 2 stylescapes with unique visual schemes for your consideration. The stylescapes will contain logo ideas, icon ideas, colours, typography and style elements.

A logo

The foundation of your brand's visual design. We create as many versions of it as needed to get it exactly right.


Typography is assigned to the brand, and we describe when to use it in the style guide.


A colour palette is created that is contemporary, appropriate, and high-functioning in usage (ie: contrast).

Visual elements

We will help you create unique illustrations, graphic art, and/or photography that will complete your brand design to give you a complete toolkit. This creative aspect is unique from other design studios. A logo and colours are not enough to give you a dynamic brand design.

Logo Files Bundle

In standard usages .ai. .png, .jpg, light and dark versions, stacked, wide, icon etc., along with a PDF that describes what the logo types are and when to use which.

Style Guide

A comprehensive PDF that has details of your logo, colours, fonts, and design examples to demonstrate how the brand design should be used.

Included is also a section describing what the logo types provided are and when to use which.


How much is a brand design package?

Our brand designs start at $2000.

How do we get started with my logo and brand design?

We will send you a creative design brief that will kick off our strategy phase of the project. A deposit will also be required at this stage.

How long will my brand design take?

The entire process will typically take about a month to complete. We have our research and discovery time, design time, presentation, review and refinement, and package creation.

How many logo designs do I get?

We create and refine as many versions of a logo as necessary to get it right. We have been specializing in logo design for 15 years so our process is effective at getting to the mark as efficiently as possible.

Do you provide a discount if I need a website too?

Yes! Bundling your assets will give you a discount on your complete brand design package, but most importantly, help your branding to be as cohesive as possible. Additional design assets often requested with a brand design:

  • website
  • brochure
  • social media image templates
  • report design template
  • business cards

Ready to get started?

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