We used the top 5 logo maker websites on Google to see how they are doing in the year 2023. There is a lot of conversation about how AI and automation will change graphic design but we are sitting confident that a creative, and most importantly – strategic – mind is still winning today.

The Experiment

We fed the builders the same direction for the name and style for our example UNIVERSE logos: modern, neutral colours, and galactic icons. Some had more customization features than others but you will see the missing factor for all of them is a cohesive representation between the colour, typography and style (core elements of a logo design). And lucky for us, this can only be achieved by a logo designer with a keen eye for contemporary style and understanding of what’s appropriate for a logo to best suit the industry and subject.



  • Generic clip art style icons
  • Outdated font styles

Sticker Mule


  • Limited icon options
  • Font styles outdated

Logo Maker


Logo Maker gives us a really clear demonstration of the 4 worst/cheapest/laziest logos we often see (even by professional design studios!).

Putting your company name in a box or using initials of your company name is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to a logo design.



  • Font styles outdated

Wix Logo Maker


  • Colour options
  • Fonts are bad again!



I… don’t even know where to begin. AI is just not in the game yet clearly.

Aside from the aesthetic of the logos themselves (generic!), we are reminded how important strategy is. UNIVERSE helps you to create a brand that is unique and tells your story in an impactful way, from your logo to all of your online messaging. The accompanying visual assets we create, such as photography, patterns and sophisticated colour palette designs, are all extremely important to define your visual style and your brand in a cohesive way.

Let’s create something cool together!