The answer is: Wordpress. Please read on for why we are confident in this answer and give us a shout if you are interested in getting started with a Wordpress website.


Website builders advertise to solve all your web design needs easily with a few clicks however the platforms are quite rigid and if you have any particularity around what you want from your website then you will want to go with a custom designed Wordpress website. 

Content Organization

Wordpress is structured around a content management system that uses a taxonomy system to organize posts by subject matter, easily allowing you to present content in places through your site in custom way. This is not possible with Squarespace or Wix at all.


Annually the fees for all three platforms are comparable. Currently they all have a domain, hosting, SSL certificate

A Wordpress website will require a professional to do monthly maintenance. Our fees for this service are around $500 and with this you can also have changes made to the layout, design etc. 

Updates & Sustainability

All three platforms will update and evolve over time. This is awesome as we all remember the days when you had to scrap your website every few years and start fresh as it was just outdated to work with anymore. With Squarespace and Wix you will not have to worry about this however with Wordpress you will need to manage this with the help of your web designer as plugins sometimes crash the site when updating.

More advantages of Wordpress

  • layout and post design options
  • maximum AODA accessibility opportunity
  • maximum SEO opportunity 
  • integrations incorporated with ease (ie: reservation platforms, e-commerce etc.)
  • elegant custom animations