Looking at brand design by definition and how our process develops your logo and brand design in unity. For our definitive purposes, we establish the brand identity as:

  • the logo
  • colours
  • typography

Brand identity elements

The Logo

The logo is the foundation of your visual identity and branding. All visual cues must directly relate to the logo design.


The typeface that is used in the brand identity must compliment the logo and will be used in designs in the headings, body copy, etc.


Colour is one of the most powerful visual markers for your brand. Colour psychology can be used to create a subliminal representation for your identity. We always want to consider competitor’s key colours and avoid any political conflicts your colours could communicate.

More visual elements

Additionally, we love opportunities to create illustrative patterns and help establish the photographic tone in a brand identity.

Brand design reference guide

For any brand designs created by UNIVERSE, we will accompany the final files with a brand design guide that will identify the typography and colours used.