We have been designing and developing for over 15 years. We strictly provide web design solutions that are sustainable and we help clients maintain their sites over time so they are worry-free and don’t need to be rebuilt every 5 years. UNIVERSE is recognized in Toronto as a web design studio with a modern design aesthetic and create minimal contemporary web designs.

Web design services + specializations

We standardly implement all of the following aspects into our websites, at no additional charge:

  • Wordpress platform only
  • AODA compliant to ensure accessibility requirements are met for Ontario Government + University standards
  • current best practices in web development
  • responsive all-platform compatibility
  • designed with maximum sustainability, adaptability over time in mind
  • SEO (search engine optimization) built-in so your website will be found [this is likely how you found us today]
  • Google Analytics installed so websites can be analyzed for their performance over time

Looking for something specific?View our websites by style:

Professional services and marketing style websites

Websites for researchers and academics to showcase their work

News style website with many blog entries and high level of content management

News style website with many blog entries and high level of content management

Latest web design projects


Strategic Workplace

Brand design for Strategic Workplace, who offer workplace conflict and equity solutions. The icon design is an abstracted flower which represents collaboration and inclusiveness.


First Policy Response

Website and identity design for a Ryerson University and Brookfield Institute COVID-19 policy news website First Policy Response.


Foundations Dog Training

Website, brand design and SEO strategy for Foundations Dog Training, a Toronto premium dog training service.


Amanda Clarke, Research Excellence Chair

Brand design and website development for Amanda Clarke, a Public Affairs Research Excellence Chair. Personal portfolio website for Canadian researcher.



Website design for the Samara Institute for Democracy and Areto Labs. SAMbot is an AI designed to track toxic tweets on the federal election campaign trail.


Anthony Moustacalis & Associates

Brand designer for Toronto criminal lawyer Anthony Moustacalis. Logo and website design for law office AMA LAW.


Point Blank Hair

Branding and website design for barbershop and hair salon in Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood. Full design suite covered, from logo to social images to website and signage.


Erin Tolley, Canada Diversity Research Chair

Brand design and development of research portfolio style website for Canadian gender, race, and inclusive politics researcher.


Accessibility Considered Designs

Our Creative Director and Web Developer Elaine has studied AODA compliance (the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) through her experience working in Universities, the Ontario Law Society, and her Government clients. When you have accessibility best practices in mind it is not difficult to build them into your design. It is now an ethical best practice that UNIVERSE is proud to instill into every project we work on.

AODA compliance (at least a minimum level) should always be applied to web design and development [learn more about this here]. We also have studied how to create accessible PDFs and, generally, even our social media images that we design for clients are accessible. Educating our clients about the importance of accessibility is important to us and a core value.


FAQ: How do I get my website to appear on the top of Google search results?

Search Engine Optimization [SEO] is the technical term for the ways in which we can design a website to maximize its potential to appear at the top of Google’s organic search results. Learn how we can help you to get your website to appear on the top of Google search results with tips from Google and UNIVERSE.

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