Our Creative Director Elaine worked at the University of Toronto for several years and had the unique experience of working on the university’s main website redesign project. The redesign took a year to complete and she was involved in every part of the process, along with a team of developers.

Elaine has AODA and SEO expertise and brings her technical front end-development skills to the project along with her passion for branding and information architecture.

We guided this project by looking at structure first and then style. The scale of the website was daunting but the process is simple when you break it down in a methodical way. I guided the team in creating proper wireframes and suggested ways of organizing content groups that had to be reviewed and approved by various teams (ie: News) that would be using the site intensively.

Many external department websites had to be integrated into this main design. My goal was to make this integration as seamless as possible. I created content block styles that could basically be templated and used through all ares of the site.

We were working with an outdated visual identity system that was sampling from various other internal identities so a new look had to be defined. Creating a cohesive visual identity was a critical step in setting the overall style guide of the site. I was the lead designer establishing these new style rules and created a new visual identity guide the university could potentially use for accompanying design material in the future.

The News section of the site was a top priority, it is where the largest amount of content was to live. I created several template designs for post types such as featured story [shown left] and media post [right].

The website was designed using the bootstrap framework in mind as that was the website’s core and responsive mobile versions had to be front of mind.

I designed additional templates for a Wordpress theme development that could be used for department sub-sites and special university events. I wanted the main U of T website to stand alone and sub-sites to closely resemble the main site.

A sub-branding identity design for a magazine-like section that had an editorial feel and was to have several sub-sections with different topics. Like everything with this project, the complex needs and requests of each department were achieved through clear, minimal design.