The creation of a brand system designed to evolve over time and work across their many sub-departments and marketing initiatives.


Logo Design, Identity Design, Web Design, Website Development, Report Design, Presentations, Photography, Email Marketing, Social Imaging

The Logo

The department had reservations about a completely new logo design so we suggested a refresh using the same structure but updating the font and design as shown. The colours were key as you can see as, more about that shown through the visual identity development in the next section.

The original

The update

The Visual Identity

The visual identity has been defined with vibrant colours and style details that complement the main Ryerson visual identity [square box details and the Font Awesome icons].

Report Designs

I have created many reports for the Institute, from template design to graphs, illustrations and infographics. Keeping in mind the core visual identity of the Institute and also creating sub-brands for various series. I also design many in French and work with organizations to create unique co-brands for reports.

Some favorite reports that I have designed for the Institute are shown here.