This project started as a website design refresh and I proposed an accompanying identity design refresh.

First Policy Response is a project of Ryerson University with the Brookfield Institute and Matthew Mendelsohn to share the latest policy news related to COVID-19.


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The Logo

I suggested a logo and identity refresh but the client wasn’t keen to. I felt strongly that it was critical to giving the project a professional look so I proposed a new logo and colours as shown and luckily the client agreed this was a good idea. 

The original

The update

The Website

The website was originally constructed in an overly complex way from the back-end and was visually very bland so we started with content analysis to re-organize the structure and increase the profile of their “original” content.

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The original design

The overall visual design was flat and too text heavy. It wasn’t designed with a visual hierarchy that could guide users through the content.

Home page

Topics page

Post template

Event post template

Related collateral & templates

Enews template

Social media image template