There are a lot of details to consider when starting a website design project, and certainly a lot of Toronto web developers and website design studios who are available for web design work. This UNIVERSE blog post discusses key points that we encourage you to think about and highlights our specializations in the following areas of web design.

Which is more important, form or function?

Trick question! These are both equally important. Your web designer must have the technical expertise needed to execute a website that can perform and adapt (over time) for you exactly as needed AND have brand and identity design skills to be able to craft a beautiful looking website design. 

Toronto’s modern web design studio

At UNIVERSE we craft contemporary, modern logo and branding designs, from Toronto graphic artist and our Creative Director Elaine Stam. Over the last 15 years we have refined our process of our brand design and we create one of a kind identity designs which are applied to our websites. Each of our brand designs are void of generic stock photos and typical marketing style logos and have a unique personality.

It’s important to consider the style of your web designer and see how they will create your website’s logo design and its accompanying identity.

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Featured Brand x Website Design Project:

Strategic Workplace

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Your Toronto web designer for high performance results

The technical aspects and functionality of your website need to be established before the project starts. We ask the following questions to understand the capabilities your website will need and we also standardly implement all of them at a base level:

  • Which platform will your website be created on?
  • Will you need a high level SEO [search engine optimization]?
  • Is accessible website design [AODA compliance] a requirement for your website?
  • Will you need to update your website content on your own?
  • Are analytics and search results important for your business to track?
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Toronto client types we often work with creating custom websites:

  • Academics + researchers
  • Toronto + Ontario universities
  • University think tanks
  • Ontario + Federal Government initiatives
  • The Law Society of Ontario + Law related clients
  • Toronto small-medium business websites

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