Contemporary logo designs and unique brand identities

Our passion and specialty is in crafting contemporary and unique brand representations that ensure your identity is recognizable and immediately noticed. With a strong logo design as the foundation we create accompanying assets that build a design “toolkit” that you can apply to any communication asset (ie: website, socials, etc.). We have been specializing on logo and brand design for almost 20 years and have refined our process which we detail out below.

We encourage you to consider the design style of our studio and how this relates to you and your brand vision.

Defining brand design

We define a brand design as the elements of a logo, colours, and typography choices. These are the core elements that define a brand. Additional elements that can also be included in the brand design are illustrations, icons, and photography (as needed, as per budget).


Latest brand design projects


Ontario Creative Council

Concept brand design for Ontario Creative Council. This modern contemporary brand design features custom digital art and an energetic colour palette.


Blue Noise Studio Inc.

Brand design for TorStar Inc.'s new creative design agency, Blue Noise Studio Inc. The edgier tone of the brand design reflects the contemporary style of work the studio is striving to create.


Strategic Workplace

Brand design for Strategic Workplace, who offer workplace conflict and equity solutions. The icon design is an abstracted flower which represents collaboration and inclusiveness.


Foundations Dog Training

Website, brand design and SEO strategy for Foundations Dog Training, a Toronto premium dog training service.


What do I get with my brand design package?

Our brand design packages standardly include a logo files bundle and a style guide.

Additional design assets created using the brand design can be bundled, depending on your specific needs (ie: website, brochure, business cards)

Logo Files Bundle

In standard usages .ai. .png, .jpg, light and dark versions, stacked, wide, icon etc.

Style Guide

A comprehensive PDF that has the logo, colours, fonts, and design examples to demonstrate how the brand design should be used.

Our brand design process


We complete a creative brief to understand your business, your goals and your style preferences.


We create a stylescape that incorporates the creative direction from the brief and gives us a rough idea of how we will shape the brand design. We will have a quick video meeting to review this together.

Initial Designs + Testing

We create many versions of the logo and start looking at colours, icons, typography and illustrative details to accompany the logos. We test our top logo designs with a testing group and determine which are the strongest to present to you.


We have a video chat and present our two strongest brand designs to you for your consideration and we discuss what you love and note anything that could be improved.


A final brand design is worked on and we adjust everything to your ideal vision.

Brand Design Package Prepared

A design toolkit with all logo files and designs assets shown in the presentation is submitted to the client and instructions regarding file types and usages are provided.

Logo designs

Isolated logo designs that we created before we started focusing on full branding design. Designs capture our signature contemporary logo design style.

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