Reference guide for details we need to think about while we define your brand. We will go over this with you and help you answer questions that we need to ensure we have key information needed.

Brand Design Considerations

Brand Story

What inspired you to create this brand/product/business. Tell us your story and motivations.

Name & Tagline

Official name to use on logo. ie: Company X, Inc.

Descriptive tagline that describes company (especially recommended for a logo or name that is not clearly indicative of what the business is)

Purpose & Mission

For internal reference, not public facing. Describe your brand:

  • Purpose
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values

Target Audience

Who is the desired demographic for your brand? Gender, age, lifestyle, etc.


Map the landscape and identify who your main competitors are. What are they doing well? What can you do better? What will your unique edge be?

Brand Personality

What is the desired tone?

Some style/tone keyword ideas:

  • classic
  • traditional
  • professional
  • conservative
  • approachable
  • authentic
  • contemporary
  • minimal
  • urban
  • luxury
  • masculine
  • feminine
  • edgy
  • high-fashion
  • freedom
  • sexy
  • power
  • dynamic

Messaging Strategy

What do we say to connect with the audience? “What’s in it for me?”

Next Steps

Brand Design

Getting to the fun part! We will now create two unique brand designs (and samples of the brand designs in use) in a presentation for your consideration.

The brand design includes:

  • Logo
  • Typography
  • Colours

Also sometimes also includes photography, icons and patterns

Marketing Strategy

How will we share your new brand? Advertising? What kinds of design collateral should we create?

Design Collateral

Now that we have our brand design we can apply it to any design material that you need. Popular items include:

  • website design
  • business cards
  • social media images
  • flyers
  • Mailchimp template design
  • banners + signage
  • letterhead template design
  • PowerPoint template design

Analyze & Optimize

If you have an ad campaign or Google Analytics we will have some solid data to analyze and work with as we think about future brand strategy. Evolve with your brand and keep thinking of what will speak to your audience.