In this blog post we discuss key considerations for creating an awesome logo, as well as FAQs such as “Should you compare or contrast with your competitors?” and “What style will appeal to your target demographic”? Let our experience help you guide your with your new logo design and make critical decisions.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

 —  Walt Disney


Q: Should you compare or contrast with your competitors?

While you want to stand out in a competitive market, you also want your branding to be on-point with what people will be attracted to in 2023.

As part of our branding design strategy process we will study your competition and see what is working and what isn’t and we keep that in mind for your developing identity design.

Generally, we also constantly study trends in typography, colour and logo design. We want to find the right balance between a contemporary brand design without being so trendy that your identity will look dated in a few years.

If you are curious about current logo design trends, check this blog. Our favourite trends they highlight include: layering, bright colours, sketch-style logos, and geometric shapes.


Q: What is your style? What style will appeal to your target demographic?

The best combination we can ask for when starting a project is loose creative direction and openness to new ideas as we study the landscape and brainstorm ideas for you. Maybe you love art deco style art and would love to incorporate that into your visual identity and that gives us a starting point while crafting your visual identity. Perhaps we might recommend that that style would not serve you well with your desired audience so we could show you some similar but more appropriate ideas we feel you would like.


Q: Can you just design a logo?

While a strong logo is the foundation to your brand design, you will also need to clearly define your brand’s style, tone, typography, design elements, and a colour palette. Hire a professional logo designer. Without a complete brand design your material is not going to look professional, or good. Point blank.

Another common (unprofessional) thing we see is the absence of a versatile logo (ie: icons, logos in various formats such as wide and reverse). A singular logo file isn’t going to be sufficient so get the full package created now to ensure your material will look professional, and save money and hassle by getting it done right the first time.

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It takes time to create an awesome logo, and even more time to create an accompanying brand design and visual identity. Universe Design Studio started out as a design studio specializing in stand alone logo designs, aptly named Toronto Logo Design, but we realized quickly that clients need more than just a logo design.